RediGate User MMI

Log in to the RediGate using the User account to access the user MMI menus. The following sub-sections describe the diagnostic options for each menu in the user MMI. 

 Main Menu

After logging in to the MMI, the Main Manu is displayed.

================ Main Menu ============== ElecSys(V:5.7.2017-07-24-1300)  Wed Jul 26 22:20:20 2017 UnitName : 1 @  REDIGATE  <40170-0118>-SerialNumb ---------------------------------------------  1) System      Services  2) Directory   Services  3) Diagnostics Services

99 Log Off

Make selection:

The current software version (tarball version, 2017-07-24-1300) is shown in the first line of each menu. On the second line is the Unit Name (UnitName), Unit Number (1), and Ethernet 0 IP address ( which are set in the ACE configuration. The second line also includes the serial number (40170-0118), which is unit-specific.

The four menu items under the Main Menu are:


Menus are selected by typing the number next to the item and pressing Enter.  Pressing Enter at any menu (except the Main Menu) will return to the next higher menu.