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RediGate User MMI

Log in to the RediGate using the User account to access the user MMI menus. The following sub-sections describe the diagnostic options for each menu in the user MMI. 

 Main Menu

After logging in to the MMI, the Main Manu is displayed.

================ Main Menu ============== ElecSys(V:5.7.2017-07-24-1300)  Wed Jul 26 22:20:20 2017 UnitName : 1 @  REDIGATE  <40170-0118>-SerialNumb ---------------------------------------------  1) System      Services  2) Directory   Services  3) Diagnostics Services

99 Log Off

Make selection:

The current software version (tarball version, 2017-07-24-1300) is shown in the first line of each menu. On the second line is the Unit Name (UnitName), Unit Number (1), and Ethernet 0 IP address ( which are set in the ACE configuration. The second line also includes the serial number (40170-0118), which is unit-specific.

The four menu items under the Main Menu are:

  • System Services – Enable or disable various RediGate system services.
  • Directory Services – View or change system files used by in the RediGate MMI.
  • Diagnostics Services – Enable or disable diagnostics and view diagnostic messages.
  • Log Off – Close this MMI session and log off the RediGate.


Menus are selected by typing the number next to the item and pressing Enter.  Pressing Enter at any menu (except the Main Menu) will return to the next higher menu.


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