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Make selection: 21

================ Store and Forward Files ==============
ElecSys(V:5.7.2017-08-24-1000)  Wed Sep  6 16:35:43 2017
RediGate120E : 1 @  REDIGATE  <46247-0002>-SerialNumb
0=/tmp/sdcard1 : 1=/tmp/usb1 : 2=Edit Last Reported Times

Select folder (0,1)? 0

Enter0to select the /tmp/sdcard1 location, then enter the folder name containing the archive files.

Gateway.json  SNF14_00003   SNF15_00003   SNF_HELP.txt
SNF00_00001   SNF15_00002   SNF15_00004

Enter Directory name (e.g. SNF00_00001) SNF00_00001
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root           241 Oct  4  2016 MastChan0~Micro820~20161004CHAN00~RTU-1~20161004.csv
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root         16021 Oct  6  2016 MastChan0~Micro820~20161006CHAN00~RTU-1~20161006.csv
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        428984 May 22 20:35 MastChan0~Micro820~20170522CHAN00~RTU-1~20170522.csv

Enter name if File to View  MastChan0~Micro820~20170522 CHAN00~RTU-1~20170522.csv

After entering the file name, the file will be displayed one page at a time. Press the Space bar to page through the file, or enter  Q  to quit the display.

Comma-separated values are shown, following a CSV header. The header columns are:

  • EpochTime is the timestamp of data in seconds since 1/1/1970 (32-bit integer, based on the system clock at the time); or if the Pacing is set to 0, the column will be EpochTimeMS (a 64-bit integer containing milliseconds since 1/1/1970).
  • RegAddr_OR_TagName is either the RTDB register number, or the Tag name if configured for that register.
  • Delivered is 1 if the data has already been published to MQTT, or 0 if not published.
  • GoodQuality is 1 is the point quality status at the time it was logged (1=online, 0=offline).
  • DataType is the type enumeration of the register (1=Boolean, 2=CHAR, 3=UINT8, 4=SINT16, 5=UINT16, 8=SINT32, 9=UINT32, 10=REAL32, 11=STRING-32, 12=STRING-256, 15=REAL64, 16=SINT64, 17=UINT64).
  • Value is the register value at the time it was logged. String data might include commas, which would appear as additional CSV columns.

Below is an example of the content of the CSV file containing historical values using EpochTime (seconds). The data header is stored in the CSV file every time the connection goes from connected to disconnected state.
This example shows tag names CycleCount, TankLevel, and PumpStatus, and an untagged register address 40001.
The Delivered column is 1=Published or 0=Unpublished. (This value is only saved at the time the data originally stored and is not updated once the historical data is subsequently published.)
The GoodQuality column indicates the Quality flag of the RTDB register at the time it was stored.
The DataType column is 1=Boolean, 5=UINT16, 9=UINT32, 10=REAL32.
The Value column shows the value in the data type. Boolean values are 0 or 1.


Below is an example with the content of the CSV file containing historical value using EpochTimeMS (milliseconds).






The Store & Forward process keeps track of the date of the last-reported historical record value. Upon reconnected link status of the monitored process, it will begin at this timestamp to publish additional historical values.

You can change the last-reported time to skip forward and not publish some records, or to skip backward and republish older historical records.

From the Directory Services menu option 21, select 2 to Edit Last Reported Times.

Make selection: 21

================ Store and Forward Files ==============
ElecSys(V:5.7.2017-08-24-1000)  Wed Sep  6 16:35:43 2017
RediGate120E : 1 @  REDIGATE  <46247-0002>-SerialNumb
0=/tmp/sdcard1 : 1=/tmp/usb1 : 2=Edit Last Reported Times

Select folder (0,1 or 2)? 2

Enter the Channel Number and Field Unit Address of a unit to change the Store & Forward last-reported date/time.

Chan Name              Status    Rtus Time
==== ==============    ========  ==== ==================
   0 CHAN00            Normal       2  Mon Jul 23 12:27:10 2018
   2 Master Channel    Normal       1  Thu Jul 19 15:16:14 2018
Enter Channel Number (0-15) 0

  -----------------RTU----------------   -----POLL-------  -------ERRORS-------
 Addr Name             Protocol Status     Time     Count  TimOut BadData Frame
----- ---------------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ ------- -----
    1 RTU-1            SOSMST00 PollDone 12:27:14    57304      0       0    0
Enter Rtu Address (0 - 65535) 1

Enter a number of days (positive or negative) to adjust the current last-reported time for this Field Unit. Enter a whole number of days, or a fraction (such as  -0.5  to skip backward half a day, or  0.04167  to skip forward one hour).

Enter Y to accept the adjusted last-reported time.

Last CSV Time ==>  2018-10-28 12:00:04  LOCAL
DAYs forward (positive) or backward (negative) to adjust (e.g. 0.5 days) 0.04167
New CSV Time ===>  2018-10-28 13:00:04  LOCAL
Is this acceptable as the new reporting time? (y/n) y



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