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Getting Started Guide

Gives a product overview and instructions to the first-time user to get started using the RediGate.

RediGate Hardware Manuals

Contains specifications, jumper settings, and connection diagrams for the RediGate's standard and optional hardware components.

ACE Operation Manual

Contains installation and user instructions for the Advanced Configuration Environment software, which is used to configure the RediGate.

Configuration Manual

Gives detail on the standard configuration options of the RediGate product.

Diagnostics Manual

Describes the RediGate's diagnostic capabilities and user interface.

POD Programming Manual

Provides instructions on using POD programming features in the RediGate configuration.

Elecsys ISaGRAF Manual

Includes instructions on using the ISaGRAF programming software, with functions specific to the RediGate product.

Protocol Manuals

Individual protocol manuals describe the configuration settings and usage information for several of the master or slave communication protocols supported by the RediGate.