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First, enter the Task Slot Number from the numbers that are listed. Depending on the task you have selected, you will have to enter a number of other information, starting with the new Debug Level that you wish to enable. NOTE: The Debug Level is GLOBAL for this task. The Debug Level ; i.e., it applies to all units (Node Addresses) associated with this task. If you wish to enable debugging for only one (or more) Field Unit or Node Address on a task, see NOTE below for Enable/Disable.

   Task DNPMST00  Status ( All)

Valid Debug Level:
0 - Fatal Errors    (Ending)
1 - General Errors  (Error)
2 - Status Messages (Status)
3 - Data Display    (Display)
4 - Data Dump       (Dump)

Debug Level 0-4 or 'S'tats ? 4

If prompted, enter a Node Address within the task to which the diagnostics status will be applied. For master protocol tasks, this will be the Unit Field Unit Address of the device being monitored. For other task types, other information will be prompted to identify the scope of the diagnostic level being applied.

Enter Node Address for Slot=5 (-1 for all) 1

If prompted, enter 1 to enable the diagnostics for the task, or 0 to disable diagnostics .Note that the multiple debug items for same task can in some cases have diagnostics for multiple items for the Node Address (or All).

Enter 0=Disable : 1=Enable [Default=1] ? 1



NOTE: If a task controls multiple Node Addresses (such as Field Units), diagnostics for each Node Address can be enabled or disabled


separately. One or more units may have debugging enabled simultaneously—enabling diagnostics for a single unit does not automatically disable diagnostics for all the others.

For instance, to enable diagnostics for only 3 out of 10 Field Units on a master channel, first Disable diagnostics for "All" units; then select the Task Diagnostics menu multiple times to Enable diagnostics for only certain Field Unit node addresses.


 The last Debug Level selected applies to ALL enabled units controlled by this task.


After entering all information related to the task Debug Level modification, a single line output will indicate the change in status, and the list of tasks will generally be shown again.

Setting DNPMST00 to Level Dump

                 13 PROCESSES

    0 - WATCHDOG Status  ( All)    7 - CH01XDBM Status  ( All)
    1 - CHANNL00 Status  ( All)    8 - DNPMST01 Status  ( All)
    2 - CHANNL01 Status  ( All)    9 - CHN01SCN Status  ( All)
    3 - CHANNL15 Status  ( All)   10 - CH15XDBM Status  ( All)
    4 - CH00XDBM Status  ( All)   11 - VIRTMS15 Status  ( All)
    5 - DNPMST00 Dump    Dump    ( All)   12 - CHN15SCN Status  ( All)
    6 - CHN00SCN Status  ( All)
Task Slot Number (0 to 12) ?